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Jose Silva's $500,000 Centering Exercise

     All new Silva graduates are encouraged to practice the Silva Centering Exercise (the Long Relax) at least once a week for the first three months after they graduate, to ensure that they establish and maintain a good deep level to work from.

     Many graduates continue to practice it at least once a week long after that initial three months.

     Jose Silva invested 22 years of scientific research and approximately half a million dollars to perfect his "Standard Conditioning Cycle." Now you can have your own copy of this "half million dollar" Centering Exercise to use whenever you desire, as often as you desire, for yourself and your loved ones.

     The Silva Centering Exercise audio recording guides you through the entire Exercise and helps you develop the habit of doing it yourself.

     You don't want to just go through the motions, doing it by rote. You want to be sure to get your body involved and cause both your body and your mind to relax very deeply.

     On this recording, veteran Instructor Ed Bernd Jr. gently guides you through The Relaxation Exercise while the Alpha Sound taps gently in the background at the rate of ten times per second... or the Theta Sound taps gently at 5 times per second.

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Click on the image to hear a sample of the Silva Centering Exercise narrated by Ed Bernd Jr.
Use the Alpha and Theta Sessions and do whatever you want to do during your time at your center
     For maximum benefit, Jose Silva recommends entering level for 15 minutes, three times a day.
     Spending 15 minutes at the alpha level strengthens your immune mechanism and helps to keep you healthy.
     Some people like to go even deeper sometimes, and do their deep relaxation at the theta level.
     To help, Jose Silva recommended two unique audio recordings.
     On both recordings, Ed Bernd Jr. guides you to level with the standard 3 to 1 method, followed by a 10 to 1 deepening countdown. Then the alpha sound or the theta sound (depending on which recording) is heard for 15 minutes, to help you remain at that level.
     These recordings do not include instructions on how to find your level, so if you are new to Silva, you need to also obtain instructions on how to find your Center.
     You can obtain guidance from a series of free emails that we will offer to you when you purchase the Alpha or Theta Sounds. Be sure to click the Confirmation link when you get the first email.

     To order now, please click here.

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